Why We Are Difference

In this page we will disclose to you why we are best, difference and why you should buy from us. Active Social Plan is always advising to not waste your money by buying fake fans and followers. In this page we are going to disclose how we get fans, followers, likes and web traffic for you. So let’s come to the point: –


In some marketplace, you may get 1000 fans and followers within 1-2 days for only $5. But I have a question to this point. If you are to do a paid campaign via social networking site such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube, you will see their price is very high for only a few amount of fans and followers, may be $10-$15 for 100-150 fans and followers. Social networking site are taking minimum 7 days to reach to 1000 fans and followers. So how they are giving you 1000 fans and followers within 1-2 days for only $5? It is clear that their fans and followers are absolutely fake and not stable.
Now you are thinking that if they are fake, but our price is not too high. So aren’t we same? No, we are not same. We have a balanced price of our service. When you will read our marketing methods, you would be able to understand the difference.
When we receive your order, we do a short analysis and research. Then make a perfect plan to get you real and active social fans. We find out your industry or business category. Now we join to related communities and post interesting contents about your business. We also research on your competitors and find out their fans and followers. After this we invite them to your page or profile. Sometimes we provide answer of the questions of your competitor’s fan if they ask on their page. This is why they are being interested and curious to visit your page or profile. When they come to visit your page or profile, they must hit on like or follow.
The description of the above is a basic idea for you to understand about our fans and followers. I hope now it is clear to you that why our fans and followers are real, active, human and non-drop.
So at the end, I must request you to not waste your money by buying fake. Just try us once and I am sure you must come back at next time.

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